BitCAD: Encrypted Business Platform

BitCAD is the next generation encrypted business platform, which uses blockchain technology. One application is suitable for all your business operations.
BitCAD connect users, customers, suppliers and machines in the same platform. BitCAD has its own crypto currency which is in Ethereum blockchain. When you invest in ICO you will get BitCAD tokens, these tokens are actually Ethereum assets. There will be 100 million BitCAD token total.

Check out Whitepaper for more info:

BitCAD’s most anticipated feature is their biometric authentication, which you can use your face and finger print.
You don’t have any financial and legal middleman in BitCAD, everything is connected each other. BitCAD is open to expand about users needs.
BitCAD CEO and Founder Vlad Mitrofanov appeared in latest conferences and introduce the platform to new investors.

You can invest from here:

More than 2730 BTC raised already and this is last days to participate ICO. It will be finished 2 days later.
After the end of ICO BitCAD coins will be given to investors. Hopefully we’ll see it in exchanges right after the ICO.

BitCAD Roadmap

-Testnet already launched.
-Biometric authentication done.
-August 2017, with Mainnet launch Dispute Resolution Department and Multistakeholder Model (self governance system for BitCAD)
-September 2017, Decentralized Trade Engine Tectum (application & API’s launch)
-October 2017, Red BitCAD and Dark BitCAD
-First half of 2018, Smart Oracles and Next Blockchain Technology

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