Coindash: The First Blockchain Based Social Trading Platform

Coindash: The First Blockchain Based Social Trading Platform

Today I’m going to tell you about the newest ICO, Coindash. What is Coindash? Coindash is the social trading platform for investors and traders in crypto currency world. Coindash has an ERC20 token (named CDT) which runs in Ethereum blockchain.

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CoinDash ecosystem includes three synergistic components: SaaS (Software as a service), Social Network and Marketplace

Coindash software has tools and insights you need when you trade crypto currencies and manage your portfolio. With these tools you can check your investment plan and make rational investment choices. SAAS has
Portfolio management, ICO automation and Trade automation features.

Social network part is unique. You can analyze traders and copy your favorite ones with signal trading and copy trading options.
What is CopyICO: You can follow every new ICO and invest it with this feature. You don’t miss out new ICO’s, CopyICO can participate new ICO’s on your behalf based on investments made by reputable traders you follow in Coindash.

Marketplace is built around maximizing opportunity discovery and streamlining trading. You can find trading signals , ICO dashboard, trending assets and 3rd party integration in Marketplace.

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Why you should invest Coindash?
This project is unique, there are key components like copy trading and signal trading. You can follow the best traders in the market and invest like them. This is good for both professionals and newcomers. Investing in
crypto platforms bring big risks and require a lot of true information. Coindash aims to create a better environment for crypto investors. I’m sure a lot of people will use Coindash system and if you buy this token early you will be the real winner!

Coindash Tutorial Video

Coindash Token ticker is CDT. It’s an ERC20 standard Ethereum asset. You can use your CDT with any Ethereum wallet which support ERC20 (For example Myetherwallet). There will be 1 billion CDT.

CDT Distribution Chart
%50 – will be given to ICO investors
%29 – minted for future development, users acquisition & marketing
20% – allocated for early investors, core team & advisors
1% – will be given to bounty campaign participants

About ICO
ICO will be in July 2017. Exact date will be announced later.

Coindash Roadmap

Coindash Team
Alon Muroch – CEO and Main developer
Adam Efrima – Co-founder and COO
Emmanuel Gimenez – Marketing
Ram Avissar – Marketing and Community Management
Eli Sklar – Director of Product and Dev
Bar Yariv – Dev
Niv Muroch – Dev
Damai – Community Manager
Jody Hsu – Director of Design

Coindash Advisors
Matt Chwierut
Brian Lio
Vlad Cealicu
Tony Tao
Roy Zou

Coindash Partners
Smith . Crown
Crypto Compare

Coindash in Social Media

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